These are some of the great things our customers have been saying about our treats! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. If you'd like to share your story feel free to contact us or write on our Facebook page.


"We just received your sample package and Porsche was going wild! She loves Biscuit Bob's Gourmet Treats" 
-- Paula Murphy, owner of Trovati Studio


"Bubba loves your dog treats! Thank you again!"
-- Michelle Fedorkiw via Facebook


"Annie is my 16 year old Chocolate Lab. I am a veterinary surgeon. She is a GODDESS. She gives Biscuit Bob her highest praises. Thank you for the loving care you put in every treat."
-- Joel Woolfson, DVM, DACVS


"Our dog loves your delicious treat Lena! thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!"
-- Joenito Soon via Facebook


"Izzy & JJ waiting for some of the Peanut Butter treats that we picked up at Poochapalooza today."
-- Don Madison via Facebook


"Hi, this is Lizzygirl. She loves the peanut butter biscuits. Thank you for making them without all the bad stuff that makes her sick. :)"
-- Lisa Alberda via Facebook


"I have read your story online, and can share your heartache for your pet. I went through the same about two years ago with my two Jack Russels, who were also in the same boat. We ran from vet to vet looking for answers and received none. I ended up at the State Vet Hospital in Lansing, who were awesome! We ended up losing him due to cancer from the foods that he ate, and I have vowed never to feed my pets anything with wheat, corn, or soy. After lots of research, we don't even feed dog food on a regular basis. I make my own... I was so excited to see you on Fox 2 News. We were devastated when we found out that we were killing our dog by feeding commercial dog food that is supposed to be good for pets. Never again. We now only feed all Natural foods."
-- Dawn Mack via Facebook and Email